Soul Guidance with Bridget

Bridget Nistico is a certified life and business coach who guides women to rediscover their passion, purpose and feminine powers in a loving way.


Bridget has spent the past 10 years actively working on her personal growth and expansion after having overcome alcohol addiction. This experience allowed her to actively participate in the healing journey of women in recovery and also led her to founding PIVOT, a non-profit whose mission is to empower women in reentry from incarceration to reclaim their lives.


Using her claircognizant and intuitive gifts, she helps women tap into the energy and power that’s already inside of them. Bridget is a seeker, a space holder, and a student of indigenous and shamanic healing practices and energy medicine. 


Bridget founded RejuvaSoul, to support the birth of whole women and help them restore their spirit, deepen their connection to source and return home to themselves. Bridget will graduate from the Four Winds Society in March of 2020 with a certification in Energy Medicine.

What does it mean to come home to yourself?

To fully return to wholeness is the deepest, most radical act of compassion that we can offer ourselves.

Community is the foundation of who we are...

Soul Transformation Package 

It takes time to uncover, process,  and navigate, 

the shifts in our soul.

Package Price: $449

Package Includes:

  • 3 one on one intuitive soul coaching

  • Session 1: Discovery and awareness.

  • Session 2: Process and apply.

  • Session 3: Reflect and adjust.

  • sessions via zoom with Bridget.

  • One shamanic journey conducted by Bridget on your behalf to access spirit guided direction.


Transformation Testimonials

My experience with Bridget provided me with clarity and a small yet significant energetic shift that I really needed to have before the end of the year!

Justine Parker