✨I see the light in my own darkness. I face my ego beliefs to feel free✨

This morning I asked spirit which Goddess to invoke to prepare for my trip to NZ and I couldn't have gotten a more appropriate guide.⁣

"Machig is here to support us in seeing what's read to come to consciousness. She's here with her diamond heart to hold us as we feel one of our demons not with fear, but with the knowledge that bringing it to life, and into the light will help set us free."⁣

There have been so many ego driven lies stirring up as I embark on this trip here are a few that I have held onto but am preparing to release:⁣

1. I am my job title and my worth is held there⁣

2. Stepping into my calling as a healer and light worker is "crazy" because it doesn't align with societies views for my life.⁣

3. I have to hold on tightly to the identity i've created for myself over the last ten years.⁣

All of these are lies that I am ready to shed. I am looking forward to the process of release, while painful, it will also be beautiful and bring forth new truth....⁣

💚 What ego driven lies are you ready to let go of today?⁣

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